At Prairie Mall Dental Clinic we love to work with children and we believe in prevention first. Our dentists and team teach our Grande Prairie children best practices to take care of their baby teeth, and to create a lifetime of good oral health habits.

Childrens Services, Grande Prairie Family Dentist

Children's Dental Services

We make it a priority to ensure that your child has a positive visit to our dentists, each and every time they are in our chair.

Their first experience with a dentist can shape their future impression of visiting the dentist. Which is why we believe that this experience is so important.

The First Visit

We recommend that your child visit our dental office for their first visit around the age of three, or at the sign of their first tooth.

During the first visit, we will slowly introduce them to our practice and give them a "ride" in the dental chair.

We will only proceed with the examination once you and your child are completely comfortable.

An oral examination includes a complete assessment of their mouth, to ensure their teeth are coming in normally and that there are no issues with the teeth or gums.

Education and prevention is at the heart of everything we do. During this visit, we will teach you how to look after their teeth at home to help prevent future tooth decay.

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